Affordable & Durable Branded Tyres in New Malden

There are many reasons why you might need to change your vehicle’s set of tyres. That’s what this article is all about! When you do need a change, the experienced tyre suppliers and tyre fitters at K&P Tyres in Epsom, just a short drive from nearby New Malden, can help you ensure its as quick, easy and affordable as it should be. In this respect we provide a fantastic alternative to major tyre shops, and can save you money.

Should you wish to book in a visit, pick up the phone and call us on 0208 393 2338. We have an expansive range of tyres from major and minor brands alike, available at price points from budget to premium. On top of this, we provide a puncture repair service that has proven exceptionally popular amongst New Malden motorists.

When Should Change My Tyres?

Major Punctures – But the aforementioned puncture repair service is not always tenable. Sometimes, a puncture is so significant it cannot be legally patched. In this situation, you’ll need to visit our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters to get a new set put on.

Structural Damage – Driving on tyres affected by serious structural damage is just as big a no-no as driving on dangerously worn tread. It might be that you’ve recently suffered an accident, or simply run the side of your tyre into a solid surface at a decent speed. We urge New Malden motorists to carry out a visual inspection and if in doubt, visit tyre shops like our own to double check you’re on the right side of the law.

Low Tread Depth – Speaking of low tread depth, 1.6MM is the UK minimum before tyres are deemed too dangerous to drive on. Being caught can make you liable to fines and legal action, and what’s worse – can put your health and safety at serious risk. Tread helps you stop in emergency situations, and when it’s too low will add on a serious amount of distance, especially in wet or icy conditions. So should your depth be running low, visit our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters near New Malden.

Change of Use – Most New Malden motorists use generic tyres designed for everyday use. But should you be heading somewhere particularly icy, or off-road, or even be planning on racing your vehicle, we urge you to visit tyre shops like ours to find a more tailored and better suited type of tyres.

Unsure whether you need a new set of tyres? For free, honest advice from the New Malden area’s favoured tyre suppliers and tyre fitters, call 0208 393 2338 today!