Choosing the Right Replacement Tyres for Customers in Banstead

At K&P Tyres, we have a skilled team of tyre fitters who can help customers from the nearby Banstead area to choose suitable replacement tyres for their vehicles. We’ve been Surrey’s favourite tyre suppliers since 1987 and after 28 years, we’re proud to still be one of the most popular tyre shops covering the Banstead area.

Choosing the right tyres is vitally important for maintaining road safety, handling and economy. Our tyre shops are based in Epsom and our Banstead clients can choose from a huge stock range of premium and budget tyres from major global manufacturers. Our tyre suppliers and tyre fitters have provided advice on suitable tyre replacements below:

  1. Always check to see that the tyres you are considering have the same load index and speed symbol recommended by your manufacturer. It’s also vitally important to choose tyres in the right size. Vehicle owners in Banstead who are unaware of manufacturer recommendations can receive advice from our tyre suppliers.
  2. Think about where you’ll be driving and the conditions you’ll be facing. Some parts of Banstead are quite rural so rain and mud may be an issue during some seasons of the year. Our tyre fitters recommend that you always choose products that match the conditions you drive in most regularly.
  3. Will you be driving more on urban roads or motorways? Very few tyre shops ask this questions but we feel it’s vitally important. Town driving places more demand on tyres and, because you’ll be braking and accelerating more often, you should opt for a set of tyres that promise longevity.
  4. If you are a frequent motorway driver from the Banstead area, our tyre suppliers recommend a product with a lower rolling resistance. This characteristic can help improve fuel economy and on selected premium lines, you could find yourself saving up to 60 litres of fuel each year. Sports car drivers should consider grip and holding.
  5. Never mix tyres unless you are buying a full set. Good tyre fitters will never mix tyres across an axle because it is against the law to do so. Diagonal ply, bias-belted and radial tyres can only be mixed in an emergency and even then, road users in Banstead must not drive in excess of 50mph.
  6. Always request that tyre shops fit new tyres to the rear axle of your vehicle, irrespective of the type of vehicle you drive. This will ensure better handling and control, particularly when braking in an emergency or driving around tight bends when road conditions are wet. This is an important safety gain.

Call our tyre suppliers today and see why we’ve been satisfying customers in Banstead with professional fitting services since 1987.